Pinterest Tip for Libraries

This week we read a bit about social media analytic tools.  I wanted to touch on two Pinterest tools that libraries can take advantage of.  One of the biggest things you can do for your library while using social media is maintain a constant presence.  That's hard to do with staffing limitations and oftentimes people … Continue reading Pinterest Tip for Libraries


Advocacy and Awareness

If you work in a library or frequent a library you probably knew that this past week was National Library Week.  It was a week dedicated to libraries; calling attention to the wonderful things they do for the communities they are nestled in and their patrons.  If you happened to go onto social media and … Continue reading Advocacy and Awareness

We Read Too Much

Last week I discussed a movement that started on social media that aimed to bring more diverse books to schools, children, and the world.  Diversity is something that is lacking in the literary world; leaving readers to question why more main characters, or characters in general, aren't reflective of their gender, culture, religion, or sexuality. … Continue reading We Read Too Much


I'm going to be honest with you.  I am not new to writing; I have openly shared my thoughts, tips, and tutorials elsewhere in the online world.  Despite that, I still find writing introductions the hardest thing to do.  I'd rather jump right in and and talk away.  Doing that would leave readers feeling a … Continue reading Welcome!