This week we read a bit about social media analytic tools.  I wanted to touch on two Pinterest tools that libraries can take advantage of.  One of the biggest things you can do for your library while using social media is maintain a constant presence.  That’s hard to do with staffing limitations and oftentimes people feel they lack the steady stream of content to maintain that presence.  The beauty of Pinterest is that you can create boards to cover any topic you want; the only limit is your imagination.  You can have boards dedicated to genres, authors, crafts, your community, your programs……anything.  Two very important Pinterest resources are Board Booster and Tailwind.

Board Booster creates duplicate boards of your Pinterest boards but they remain “secret”.  You pin to the secret boards right on Pinterest and Board Booster will then pin throughout the day for you.  It allows you to set up  schedule so that your pins are spread out and you are not flooding your followers’ feeds.  They also offer a service called looping.  Looping allows you to essentially recycle your boards’ content.  Once it has been pinned, the looping feature will go back and repin those pins after a certain amount of time.  Board Booster provides great analytics as well.  It will show you your best performing pins and your best performing boards.  It will even show you the best times throughout the day to pin so that you know your pins are getting their maximum reach.  Board Booster will also track your follower growth for you as well.

Board Booster provides lots of great options and resources but it is not a free service.  For $10 a month you get lots of analytics and a pin-it-and-forget-it approach; meaning you can batch pin in one sitting and let Board Booster do the work for you throughout the week.  They also provide a referral program which can help you alleviate the cost of you get others to sign up.

Tailwind is another paid service that allows you lots of freedom on Pinterest as well.  You can create a pinning schedule for your library and sit back and let Tailwind do the work for you.  The analytics for Tailwind are extremely useful.  It tracks board progress, followers, repins, comments, and more.  Wha I truly love about Tailwind is its ability to tell you the ideal pinning time and you can schedule your pins for those exact times.  Once something is scheduled you still have the freedom to alter your schedule and move things around.  They also have a relatively new feature called Tribes where you can pin with others which is beneficial in that it extends the reach of your library.  For example, if your library has 100 followers but you are in a tribe with other libraries and they repin your pins, their followers see your content and your reach has just multiplied; therefore exposing your library to new followers.

Are these services worth the money?  I would say if your library has the budget for it, yes.  They allow you the freedom to have a presence on Pinterest without taking up loads of time.  Pinterest is a great social media platform where you can pin lots of great information for you and your patrons and followers.

Have you ever used Board Booster or Tailwind?  If not, do they sound like something that int be of use to you and your library?


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