If you work in a library or frequent a library you probably knew that this past week was National Library Week.  It was a week dedicated to libraries; calling attention to the wonderful things they do for the communities they are nestled in and their patrons.  If you happened to go onto social media and follow librarians or libraries you couldn’t help  but notice the tweets, posts, photos, and snaps of libraries showing how they live up to this year’s National Library Week theme of “Libraries Transform”.  Many libraries encouraged their patrons to stop in and visit them and see what they had to offer.

Social media plays a huge role in increasing the awareness of all that libraries do.  You couldn’t help but be impressed by the number of tweets and the amount of support  that libraries received this week.




Another thing you may have noticed this week?  The backlash that Ivanka Trump received for this tweet:







library card




The above tweet hits close to home for many patrons that live in rural areas.  Many people do not have internet access in their homes; something that many of us take for granted.  There are quite a few patrons that could have internet access but can not afford it.  What do they do?  Go to libraries where the internet is free. At any point during the day you may even find patrons at my local library park din their cars using the wifi.

What many people may not realize about libraries is that they are more than just books and reading.  As I write this post it is April 15th; a day commonly known as Tax Day.  Why is this relevant?  If you follow any librarians on Twitter you may have noticed a common theme today; patrons using libraries as a place to print out their tax submissions.  I know that in the state of New York the government has severely cut down on the amount of printed tax forms. Since January 1st the Library I work in would receive daily calls asking if our tax forms were in.  The State government has listed NYS libraries as a resource for tax forms.  However, they never sent enough to meet the demand.  Once again, libraries rise to the challenge and would print out tax forms for whoever needed them.

Libraries everywhere are busy planning their Summer Reading programs.  To many children, these programs provide a source of education, entertainment, and guidance.  For some it is a safe place to spend their summer days.

Proposed budget cuts to library funding would be detrimental on so many levels.  Seeing campaigns on social media to raise awareness to these proposed cuts is encouraging.  It gives libraries a bigger voice and a much wider platform to let their voices be heard.  The information provided, whether it be facts or names and numbers of politicians to call, gives people a starting point to begin advocating for libraries.

Let your voice be heard….social media is a great place to make your opinions known. Use it wisely to show your support for libraries everywhere.





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