Last week I discussed a movement that started on social media that aimed to bring more diverse books to schools, children, and the world.  Diversity is something that is lacking in the literary world; leaving readers to question why more main characters, or characters in general, aren’t reflective of their gender, culture, religion, or sexuality.  This week I came across an article that was similar in nature and had to share it with you.

Kaya Thomas is an avid reader.  Growing up she read all the time; something that she felt set her apart from her peers.  She began to notice that none of the characters in the books she read were similar to her.   This left her feeling “invisible”.

As a college student at Dartmouth she decided to do something about this.  She began to create a list of books written by authors of color that wrote about characters of color.  Kaya learned to code so she  was bale to share her database with other readers.  She then took it a step further and turned it into an app.

The app, titled, We Read Too Much, has over 15,000 iPhone uses.  The app has over 600 titles.  Kaya works hard to raise money s that she can create an Android app as well.  She has goals to add over 1,00 books to her app too.

By creating this app Kaya is hoping that other readers will see themselves represented.  The response to her app from students, educators, and parents has been positive.  TO have one go-to source where readers can go to see themselves represented in books is beneficial on so many levels.

You can support her dream and goals by contributing to her Indiegogo campaign.  Spread the news on social media and help raise awareness for this amazing project.


On a side note, I wanted to share some links of library related Twitter accounts for you to follow for information, humor, and relatability.  Do you follow any of these accounts on Twitter?

What Twitter accounts dedicated to libraries and librarians do you follow?





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