I’m going to be honest with you.  I am not new to writing; I have openly shared my thoughts, tips, and tutorials elsewhere in the online world.  Despite that, I still find writing introductions the hardest thing to do.  I’d rather jump right in and and talk away.  Doing that would leave readers feeling a little disjointed and discombobulated.  I’ll try my best to not do that to you.

My name is Anne and I have had many titles over the course of my life: daughter, sister, wife, mom, Senior Clerk, and Interim Director, to name a few.  My newest title?  Grad student.  This is my first semester as a graduate student in the Masters of Library Science program.  Although I have worked in a library setting for over 10 years my training has always been hands-on.  I am eager to learn the backbone of the profession and to learn from not only my professors but also from my fellow students.

If you are reading this blog you are more than likely finding it through the LIS 503 class, Social Media in Information Professions.   This class fascinated me from the start because   it seems to be the perfect pairing of past and future and sustainability; libraries and social media.  As technology and the world changes around us libraries need to stay educated and ahead of the curve yet many seem to be playing catch up.  It’s as if, in some cases, they feel that by embracing the world of social media and technology they fear they will lose the integrity of what an ideal (in their mind) library looks like.  Educating library staff, getting them comfortable with social media, and showing them that it truly embraces disseminating information in the quickest way possible is advantageous to all involved.  We need to step away from the “either/or” mind concept and adopt the inclusive “and/also” mentality.  A library can and will need to straddle the past and future.


Why “Novel Thoughts”?

Novel Thoughts, in my opinion, embraces that very notion of old and new with a nod to libraries.  In order to stay relevant in a fast paced online world, libraries have to embrace it.  Their patrons are getting information from a variety of sources and as we are learning, spending more time online.

As the semester progresses this space, Novel Thoughts, will address a variety of topics related to libraries, social media, and how the two are related and can best be used together.  I will be looking at the various social media platforms and how they can benefit information professions.

kaboompics.com_Chalkboard_ Social Media.jpg

I hope you will follow along and comment as you see fit.  A blog without interaction is merely a journal in my opinion.  Let’s get the conversation started.  Let’s engage.  Let’s create and foster a sense of community.  As we share our thoughts and opinions on the topic of social media and information professions we gain the opportunity to learn so much more.  We gain insight we may have lacked.  We all bring something different to the table and have vastly different life experiences and perspectives. Everyone has something to offer.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.



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